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How to Browse the PPS Job Board

Please Note: This resource was created for an in-person event. Though much of it is still relevant, please keep in mind that PPS will be conducted virtually in 2020.

How to Browse the PPS Job Board

Important: The PPS job board will not be available until October 21, 2020. below is a preview of the process.

You can browse access available openings at PPS a number of ways. The quickest way is to click on the direct link to the PPS online job board (coming October 22, 2019). You can also visit the year-round CareerPharm board and click on check box, “Only show 2020 Personnel Placement Service (PPS) jobs.”

  1. Make sure that the check box, “Only show 2016 Personnel Placement Service (PPS) jobs” Is checked.
  2. You can now drop down the relevant sortable categories to set your criteria, including location, job type, specialty practice area, and job setting. As an example, the image below shows the “job setting” options open. Select your criteria by checking all relevant boxes and clicking on “close” for each category. If you want to include all boxes within a category, you can either leave it blank or select “select all” in that category. 
  3. You will know you selected appropriately as each category with pre-selected criteria will turn bold and have parentheses with a number inside to show the number or selections. In the example below, I have selected 3 job types and 2 job settings.
  4. You can enter any keywords that you would like to narrow your search even further. Ensure the “Only show 2019 Personnel Placement Service (PPS) jobs” box is checked and you can now select “Search Jobs” to narrow the list.
  5. You will now see a list of relevant positions for which you can apply. If you’d like to change criteria, you can continue to use the sortable categories and keywords, just be sure to click “search jobs” each time you want to refresh.
    • You can now open any position that interests you. If the position does not interest you, you can return to your search results or view the next position from the list you had.
    • If you would like to request an interview, you can do so at the bottom of the position listing. See the instructions titled, “Requesting an interview for a PPS job” for more information.
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