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Navigating PPS: Tips and Tricks

Please Note: This resource was created for an in-person event. Though much of it is still relevant, please keep in mind that PPS will be conducted virtually in 2020.

Navigating PPS is a five-part document designed to help students, residents, or full-time job seekers planning on participating in Personnel Placement Service (PPS) at the ASHP Midyear Clinical meeting.  The document was prepared by members of the ASHP New Practitioners Forum Career Development Advisory Group to assist all current and aspiring pharmacists in their PPS preparation. You can download the full document or view sections below.

  • Part 1: What is PPS - General information about the Personnel Placement Service (PPS) process.
  • Part 2: Participation Checklist - Checklists of items to help be prepared for before, during, and after PPS.
  • Part 3: Scheduling - Guidelines to help you schedule your PPS experience throughout the process.
  • Part 4: Interview Guidance - Helpful insight into the process and preparation for your PPS interviews.
  • Part 5: Curriculum Vitae Guidance - Tips on preparing your CV for PPS.


New Resource Available! Strategies to PPS (YouTube) - Join a recent PPS attendee and his colleagues as they attempt to shed some light and perspective on your approach to PPS.

For more information on Personnel Placement Service (PPS), please visit the PPS Candidates Home Page.