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How to Purchase a PPS Booth

Please Note: This resource was created for an in-person event. Though much of it is still relevant, please keep in mind that PPS will be conducted virtually in 2020.

Important Notes:

  • Employers will receive one complementary Midyear badge per booth purchased that can only be used by a representative identified as an HR/Admin/Recruiter. They will need to be verified by a business card on-site. Any pharmacist attending PPS must be registered for the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. To do so, please visit the 2020 Midyear registration page.
  1. Create a CareerPharm/PPS account or sign in to your current CareerPharm/PPS account.
  2. Whether you sign in or create a new account, you will end up at In the PPS box, select, “Register Now”
    How to Purchase PPS Booth

  3. Select the number of booths you’d like to reserve at PPS by selecting “Buy” next to the appropriate option. If you are interested in purchasing more than 6 booths, please contact us at or 301-664-8719. In this example, I am purchasing 3 booths.
  4. Input payment information and select, “Pay with Credit Card.” If you need to be invoiced for this purchase, there will be an option at the bottom of this screen.
  5. Verify your order information and select “Process Order.” You can also modify your order by using the “Modify” buttons on the top right of each section.
  6. You can now email or print a receipt on the top right of the screen, post another job, or go back to your account home page.
  7. On your account home page, it will reflect your booth numbers under “interview location.” These are subject to change as listed below. If you purchase more than 1 booth, they likely will be updated. Please allow 24 business hours to reflect any changes. If you would like to request a different booth location, you can contact us at or 301-664-8719.
    1. If your booths are not next to each other, we will move them.
    2. Your booth numbers will be changed from multiple booth numbers to one booth number with A,B,etc. after each booth for ease-of-use. Example: If you purchased booths 7116, 7118, and 7120, they will be updated to 7104A, 7104B, and 7104C.
      How to Purchase PPS Booth

  8. You now have an allotment of PPS jobs to post that is twice the number of booths. If you purchase 3 booths as we did in this example, you will have a bank of 6 jobs that you can use. You can view this information by clicking on “History” under your current balance, clicking on the “Purchase History” heading and scrolling over to the “Jobs Allowed” column.
    How to Purchase PPS Booth

    How to Purchase PPS Booth

    How to Purchase PPS Booth
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