Residency Showcase – Information for Program Directors

The 2021 Residency Showcase will be in person as part of the 2021 Midyear Clinical Meeting. The online booth application system will open on June 28 and will remain available through July 27, 2021. There is no advantage to applying early. All applications submitted while it is open will receive equal consideration.

Start Your Application Now - Please use "retrieve" your password if you used the system in previous years. Otherwise, create a new account.
Important dates*:

  • June 28, 2021 – The 2021 Residency Showcase application system will open. Programs can submit the application and payment for booth space at Midyear.
  • July 27, 2021 – The 2021 Residency Showcase application system will close. ASHP will begin placing programs in their allotted space and session.
  • August 9, 2021 – Booth space assignments and access to promote program listings will be distributed.
  • August 16, 2021 – Residency Showcase booth selection will open for any program who did not participate in the application process.
  • December 6-7, 2021 – Residency Showcase at the Midyear
  • December 16, 2021 – Supplemental Virtual Residency Showcase available for all programs who participated in the live event.

*Please Note: All dates listed are not finalized and are subject to change.

For more information, please contact us at

2021 Residency Showcase Pricing

  • 10x10 booth: $840
  • 10x20 booth: $1,680
  • 10x40 booth: $3,360

Important Information for Participating Programs