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Program Listing Instructions

These instructions are based on an in-person Midyear. Much of it is still relevant, but some will need to be adjusted for a virtual event.

Access information will be sent in September, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 ASHP Residency Showcase Program Listing Portal. You now have the ability to post and edit your listings and program information, while candidates will be able to sort and search with ease.


Create a New Account - you will need to create a new account to post any listings.

Post a New Listing - you must be registered for the 2019 Residency Showcase when posting or your listing will not be approved.

Re-post a Listing from Last Year - If you had listings from 2018 you'd like to re-post, you can follow this simple process.

Edit Your Current Listing(s) - you must have a current listing posted before you can edit one.

Please direct any questions to