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Virtual Residency Showcase

December 18, 2019

11 AM - 5 PM ET

New in 2019! The first annual Virtual Residency Showcase will give candidates and programs an extra opportunity to connect with each other after Midyear.

List of participating programs

When is the Virtual Residency Showcase?

December 18, 2019, 11 AM - 5 PM ET

Who Can Attend?

  • All candidates are able to attend, whether or not you were able to attend Midyear. The event is free for all candidates.
  • Only employers who purchased a Residency Showcase booth at 2019 Midyear may participate.

How Do I Register?

How Does it Work?

On the morning of the event (December 18), you will be sent instructions to sign in to the virtual  environment.

Candidates - View Instructional Video (at bottom of page):

  • Before the event begins (or on the day of the event), build your profile including your resume and more for programs to view as they connect with you at the event.
  • After you've signed in, you will be sent to the event home page, where you will be given the option to either view all participating programs alphabetically or use the sortable database to view residencies that are relevant to you.The database will include links directly into a program's booth.
  • Once you enter a program's booth, you can submit a request to get in line to chat with that program. When the time comes, a chat window will open and you can begin connecting through an instant messenger format.
  • When you have ended your day and chatted with all the programs you'd like, you will still be able to sign in and view your chat transcripts for 6  months after the event has ended.

Program Representatives - View Instructional Video (First 2 minutes of video are not relevant for this event). Important note: Due to high demand for this event and ease of use for candidates, you will not have access to customize your booth. Booths will only include program name and will not include graphics).

  • On the day of the event, you will receive an email sending you directly into you Virtual booth as representatives.
  • As candidates enter your booth, they can submit a request to chat with your program.
  • If you are the representative chatting with a candidate, you will see their full information and CV throughout the chat.
  • After the event, you will have access to your chat transcripts and booth reporting for 6 months.
  • For more information, please see the Program FAQ's