Pharmacy Technician Information

If you’re a pharmacy technician, this is your opportunity to develop your potential at the world’s largest gathering of pharmacy professionals. ASHP is committed to helping you fulfill your increasingly demanding role in the pharmacy department, and we’re providing more content relevant to your needs and goals than ever before. Although all education sessions are open for you to attend, you’ll want to pay special attention to sessions and activities of particular interest: the ones marked with a “T” at the end of the ACPE Activity Number.

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These include the following:


The Future of Pharmacy Is Closer than You Think: Using Health Information Technology
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: New Perspectives on Occupational Burnout During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Five Years Later: Lessons Learned in Building a Pharmacy Analytics Program

Beyond Face to Face: Leveraging Technology to Advance Patient Care

Small and Rural Keynote 2021: Update on the Landscape for Rural Hospitals

Finding Calm in the Chaos: Using the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment for Preparedness

Pulling Back the Curtain on Your Health System's Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Telehealth in Small and Rural Hospitals: Pandemic Acceleration and Beyond

The Joint Commission Update 2021: Focus on Small and Rural Hospitals

Essential Drugs: Ensuring Access in Current and Future Crises

Serving the Underserved: Exploring Your Resources

Pull That Thread: How a Little Data Enables a Big Change


The Role of Pharmacy in Combatting Human Trafficking

Medication Safety and Quality Pearls

There Is Nothing Magical About Having a Successful Accreditation Survey: Be Prepared!

Adapting International Pharmacy Practice to the New Normal in the Wake of a Global Pandemic (featuring the Donald E. Francke Medal Lecture)

Implementing and Sustaining a Just Culture

Strategies for Overcoming Site of Care Challenges for Infusion Services

What Pharmacists Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence


Designing and Implementing a Medication Safety Dashboard: A Pathway Forward


The All-In Approach to Improving Diversity and Inclusion Within Pharmacy Practice

Value is the Name of the Game: Aligning Clinical Services and Payment through Payer-Provider Partnerships

Management Pearls 2021

What's Up Doc? How to Manage Managing-Up in Leadership

High on Safety: Practical Approaches to Becoming Highly Reliable

Data in Action: Tactical Strategies to Leverage Data to Drive Results

USP Compliance: A Fast Pass to Completing an Assessment of Risk

You're Our Only Hope for Patient Advocacy! Strategies to Advance Pharmacy Practice

Ergonomics of Sterile Compounding

340B Update: Navigating an Evolving 340B Marketplace

Implementing a Patient-centered Digital Health Initiative

Finessing Pharmacy Finance: 2022 Payment Rules

Developing a Robust Training and Requalification Program for Sterile Compounding

Pharmacy Forecast 2022: Trends that Will Shape Your Future

Providing Actionable Data to Pharmacy Staff to Improve Performance and Outcomes

Using Data Analytics to Detect Drug Diversion in the Anesthesia Setting


Integration and Advancement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Pharmacy Workplace

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Envisioning the Supply Chain and Medication Use Process of the Future

2021 ASHP National Survey: A Conversation about the State of Pharmacy Practice

Let's Ask the Consultants: Joint Commission Medication Management Update 2022-Strategies for Success

Pharmacy Technician Employer-based Education and Training: Benefits for Advanced Roles

Walking the Tightrope Between NIOSH Hazardous Drugs and EPA Hazardous Wastes

Best Practices for Biosimilar Implementation in the United States: 2021 Updates

Informatics Pearls 2021: Gigabytes of Informatics

David and Goliath: The Future of 340B Relationships with Drug Manufacturers

The Pharmacist's Role in Promoting Health Care Equity and Anti-Racism Practices

Level Up Your Ambulatory Care Practice: Why Technicians are Game Changers

ISMP Medication Safety Update 2021


Strategies for Success

I Want That! Technology Innovations 2021 - Digital Health

Learn to Love the Unknown: Using Improv to Build Your Resilient Response

Culture Matters


For more information, view the Session Schedule & Itinerary Planner.