Sessions Recommended for Students

The table below highlights sessions and activities with content aimed specifically for student pharmacists. 

Career Pharm’s Personnel Placement Service
SSHP Leaders Workshop presented by the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee
Pharmacy Student Forum Opening Session: Perspective Is the Best Medicine: a Powerful Prescription for Less Stress and More Success
Congrats!! You've Matched
Clinical Skills Competition Final Round Presentations
PhORCAS: The Centralized Application System for Pharmacy Residencies
Re-Write Your Script: Tips and Tricks for Acing Your Residency Interview
Market Yourself Effectively for Residency: Improving your Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Intent Messaging
Student Society Showcase
Opening General Session
Student Poster Session
Exhibit Hall
Residency Showcase
Just Do It: Create Your Brand
Thanks for the Feedback – The Art of Receiving Feedback…Even When You Don’t Ask For It
The Power of Professional Relationships an Tips for Student Success
The Tale of Two Pharm.D.s: Finding Your Best Fit for Student Loan Repayment
Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario: When You Find Yourself Unmatched for Residency
A Roadmap for Publishable Research: How to Make the Most of Your Research Project