Curriculum Vitae Guidance

CV Development

  • Start early!
  • Have your CV reviewed multiple times and collect feedback from preceptors, colleagues, mentors, directors, and more
  • Utilize the New Practitioner’s Forum (NPF) CV Review Program which occurs in the spring and fall
  • Consider reaching out to your local state affiliate to see if they also provide a CV review program
  • Remember that a CV is very subjective and that it is ultimately a reflection of you; do not feel obligated to implement all suggestions

CV etiquette specific to PPS

  • Save your CV with an appropriate name
  • It is not imperative to completely recreate your CV within your PPS profile, but keep in mind that programs may perform keyword searches in the PPS profile system to identify interview candidates
  • When requesting an interview with a program, be sure to attach your CV as a PDF file which ensures that your CV is delivered in the format you intended
  • It is likely that when you request the interview, the employer may only look at your CV 
  • Remember to always portray yourself professionally – this is your first impression with your potential next employer.

On-site PPS Interview

  • The big question every candidate asks: Do you bring CVs to the interview?
  • To be safe, plan to have a few copies available
  • You never know a program's philosophy on hard copy CVs
  • Consider bringing hard copy CVs on professional paper
  • If you are looking at a residency position, it is likely that the employer will not want a hard copy of your CV as they will receive an updated version with your PhORCAS application
  • If this is your first position out of residency, the employer may want a hard copy CV
  • Don’t forget your business cards
  • Many programs and employers take business cards instead of a full CV and will  then request an electronic version from you

Additional Resources

Navigating PPS

Download Full Document – Navigating PPS  (PDF)