• Registration for PPS typically opens in mid-September for both candidates and employers; all jobs and CVs will remain private during this period
  • During this time, candidates should set up their PPS profile and ensure their CV is updated
  • Beginning in mid-October, candidates, employers and jobs will become visible
  • During this time, candidates will be able to request interviews with employers and employers will be able to view the CV database and contact candidates
  •  It is highly recommended that candidates request interviews prior to the Midyear Clinical Meeting

Personal Schedule Planning

  • Note that PPS will only be open during specified times at the Midyear Clinical Meeting
  • Candidates should determine their availabilities during the open PPS time frame
  • Create a schedule of personal and institutional events (if applicable) that you are required to attend
  • Use caution and plan ahead for travel when personal commitments are not located in the same location as PPS

Requesting an Interview

  • Use the PPS website on ASHP for all interview scheduling unless otherwise directed by PPS vendors
  • Be sure to have a professional email address on file with PPS as this may be a way for employers to contact candidates
  • Some employers have limited availability so do not delay requesting an interview
  • It is recommended that candidates look at all available opportunities in their area of interest prior to narrowing down PPS interview options
  • Since PPS is an initial introduction, use this session to narrow your list of interested locations
  • Candidates may schedule as many interviews as they would like
  • Be cognizant of your schedule and do not overbook yourself to avoid fatigue and burnout
  • Candidates should create a standard template for requesting PPS interviews that can be modified to individual programs
  • This can be a quick introduction or a full cover letter if preferred
  • Candidates should always introduce themselves via the PPS website when requesting an interview
  • Candidates must make sure their PPS profiles are updated with the most current information from their CV; employers will use this profile as a quick reference to a candidate's achievements

Confirming Interview Dates and Times

  • Interviews can be confirmed through the PPS messaging system or via the email candidates provide on their profile
  • Candidates should ensure they leave enough time between interviews to avoid multiple consecutive sessions as some vendors may run behind schedule
  • 30 minutes between each interview is recommended
  • To avoid “burnout” during PPS, a total of 8-10 interviews is recommended
  • You may prefer more or less interviews depending on your individual goals for PPS and availability  
  • Booth numbers for institutions should be obtained and noted prior to the day of PPS to eliminate confusion and stress
  • Candidates can block out time that they are not available on the PPS scheduling tool
  • This blocked out time shows up in the same spot where scheduled interviews from employers are displayed

Navigating PPS

Download Full Document – Navigating PPS  (PDF)