Vaccination From the Misinformation Virus

Monday, December 6
Simu-live broadcast
3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET
No CE is offered

Documentary (60 minutes) + live panel discussion/Q&A (30 minutes)


  • Anna Dopp – moderator
  • Chris Schueler – panelist (documentary producer)
  • Matthew Probst – panelist (Physician Assistant/Vaccinator/Covid patient)
  • Pamela Schweitzer – panelist (PharmD/Former Assistant Surgeon General)

Vaccines have been shown to be safe, crucial to community health and have saved millions of lives annually. Generally, vaccines and vaccination have been accepted globally as a critically important healthcare tool, until COVID. Misinformation about COVID and the COVID vaccination continues to adversely affect our ability to overcome the pandemic. In fact, misinformation about the virus and vaccination has become its own epidemic. The documentary covers vaccine history, how they were created, tested and what they contain. You will learn accurate, honest and science-based information with clear, concise explanations and heartfelt stories. You will also gain a valuable tool to use when explaining these issues to patients, clients and the public.