Featured Programming

Midyear 2022 offers featured programming in five areas: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Innovation, Integrated Informatics Institute, and Opioid Crisis and Pain Control:


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Join us for programming centering on topics and perspectives surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the healthcare and pharmacy space.

Educational Sessions

  1. We Can’t Talk About That at Work! How to Foster More Inclusive Conversations and Work Environments
  2. Oversimplification of Race in Practice and Education: Dangers, Consequences, and Impacts on Racism in Medicine
  3. Strategies for Culturally Effective Care: Diverse and Tailored Health Communication and Patient Education
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Focus on Disability
  5. Culture and the Cost of Fitting In


Health & Wellness

Pharmacy practitioners are under continued stress to manage new and evolving practice demands as well as the concerns of an ongoing pandemic. Both drug and staffing shortages can challenge even the most seasoned staff members. ASHP, in concert with leading national organizations, supports education to develop best practices in health and wellness. The Midyear Meeting schedule features 12 programs in this area.

Educational Sessions

  1. Going Below the Surface: Addressing Systematic and Underlying Issues Impacting Resident Well-Being
  2. Well-Being and Resilience in the Rural Pharmacy Workforce
  3. Be Well to Lead Well: Identifying and Addressing Leadership Burnout in Healthcare
  4. Learn to Love the Unknown: Build Your Resilient Response to the Unexpected
  5. It's Okay If You’re Not Okay: Supporting Well-Being and Resilience
  6. When the Patient Is the Offender: Supporting Employees and Learners
  7. Survey Says … Implementing an Organizational Well-Being Program
  8. Creating SPaCE for Workforce Well-Being in a (Post) Pandemic Moment
  9. ASHP Well-Being Ambassador Program: Local Interventions to Address Occupational Burnout
  10. Results from 2022 Well-Being and Resilience Survey
  11. Re-Centering During Times of Transition
  12. Hit the Reset Button: Mastering MindSET, HeartSET, SoulSET and SkillSET in Your Practice



Participate in programming dedicated to the implementation and use of innovative strategies and solutions to further pharmacy practice.

Educational Sessions

  1. Considerations for Inpatient Use of Diabetes Technology
  2. The Future of Clinical Pharmacy Practice: Leveraging an Integrated Telehealth Team-Based Model
  3. Protect the Women & Children: Machine Learning Methods to Predict Adverse Drug Events (ADEs)
  4. Innovative Discharge Services
  5. Designing a Pharmacy Technician Career Ladder Focused on Advanced Roles
  6. The Invisible Giant Amongst Us: Genetic Tests Used in the Early Identification of Respiratory Pathogens — COVID-19 and Beyond
  7. Investing in the Future: Development of a Pharmacy Technician Leadership Residency to Address Technician Leadership Gaps
  8. ASHP and University of Minnesota Pharmacogenomics Accelerator: Update from Inaugural Cohort


Integrated Informatics Institute

Advances in technology connect all specialties and facets of both practice and personal life. The 2022 Midyear Clinical Meeting will feature Integrated Informatics Institute content across the meeting. Midyear will include a total of ten sessions providing informatics- and technology-focused education.

Educational Sessions

  1. Rise of The Machine: Empowering a Diversion Monitoring Program Using Machine Learning
  2. Data in Action: Building a Pharmacy Data Analytics Strategy
  3. Digital Health 101: Interventions for Maximum Pharmacist Impact
  4. The Time Is Now: Advancing Technician Roles in Informatics
  5. Betting on Safety: Medication Safety Dashboard Metric Design
  6. Advancing Formulary Improvement Through Metrics, Monitoring, and Analytics
  7. Informatics Pearls 2022: Gigabytes of Informatics
  8. Informatics Gems 2022: Resident & New Practitioner Bytes of Informatics
  9. Validated Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Pharmacy and its Applications
  10. Why Isn't IV Workflow Technology in Every U.S. Hospital?


Opioid Crisis and Pain Control

Opioid abuse and misuse continue to be top of mind for the pharmacy profession. Comprehensive strategies are key to making progress. The ASHP Midyear Meeting schedule offers four sessions focused on unique ways to address the opioid crisis.

Educational Sessions

  1. Going the Distance: Care for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Across Care Settings
  2. Buprenorphine Is Not the Only Synthetic: Getting L-OUD about Managing Overdose in the Age of Illicit Synthetics
  3. Three’s a Charm: Opioid Stewardship Across Care Settings
  4. Goldilocks in Crisis: Exploring the Controversies of Determining Which Analgesic Is ‘Just Right’


Pharmacy Power Hour

Join us Wednesday morning to ramp up your learning with these Power Hour choices:

  1.  Protect the Women & Children: Machine Learning Methods to Predict Adverse Drug Events (ADEs)
  2. Hit the Reset Button: Mastering MindSET, HeartSET, SoulSET and SkillSET in Your Practice
  3. Vaccinology: New Diseases, Refined Technologies, More Anthropology

For more information, view the Session Schedule & Itinerary Planner.