Featured Programming

Midyear 2021 offers featured programming in four areas: COVID-19, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, INNOVATION Programming, and Integrated Informatics Institute:


COVID-19 Sessions

Programming offered to keep you up-to-date on combatting COVID-19.  

Educational Sessions

  1. Vaccination Nation: Update on Vaccination Platforms
  2. Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: New Perspectives on Occupational Burnout During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Critical Care Pharmacotherapy: Reflection on the COVID-19 Pandemic
  4. Give it Your Best Shot! Evaluating Covid-19 Vaccine Best Practices
  5. Telehealth in Small and Rural Hospitals: Pandemic Acceleration and Beyond
  6. Adapting International Pharmacy Practice to the New Normal in the Wake of a Global Pandemic (featuring the Donald E. Francke Medal Lecture)

Targeted Posters on Combatting COVID-19!

Check the Midyear Itinerary Planner for a full listing of poster presentations on projects related to COVID-19 and improving patient care.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Join us for programming centering on topics and perspectives surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the healthcare and pharmacy space.

Educational Sessions

  1. Serving the Underserved: Exploring Your Resources
  2. Impact of Ageism on Therapeutic Outcomes and Patient-Provider Relationships
  3. Medical Mythbusting: Counteracting Health Misinformation with Patients
  4. Caring for Transgender People: Insight and Points of Controversy in Medication Therapy
  5. Integration and Advancement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Pharmacy Workplace
  6. The Pharmacist's Role in Promoting Health Care Equity and Anti-Racism Practices
  7. Four Ways Pharmacists Can Address Social Determinants of Health in Clinical Practice
  8. Not Just Black or White: Rethinking the Concept of Race-Based Algorithms in Clinical Practice

Targeted Posters on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion!

Check the Midyear Itinerary Planner for a full listing of poster presentations on projects related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


INNOVATION Programming

Participate in programming dedicated to the implementation and use of innovative strategies and solutions to further pharmacy practice. 

Educational Sessions

  1. Innovations in Drug Information Practice and Research 2021
  2. Advancing Pharmacy Practice and Defining Value: Positioning Pharmacy as a Center of Excellence
  3. Value is the Name of the Game: Aligning Clinical Services and Payment through Payer-Provider Partnerships
  4. Implementing a Patient-centered Digital Health Initiative
  5. Innovation at Work: Leveraging Pharmacists to Close Gaps in Mental Health and Pain Care
  6. I Want That! Technology Innovations 2021
  7. Telehealth in Small and Rural Hospitals: Pandemic Acceleration and Beyond
  8. Leveraging Telehealth to Improve Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacy Services and Revenue Generation: Focus on Anticoagulation
  9. Virtual Precepting of Telehealth: Strategies for Erasing Physical Barriers

Targeted Posters on Innovation Ideas!

Check the Midyear Itinerary Planner for a full listing of poster presentations on projects on innovations and improving pharmacy practice.


Integrated Informatics Institute

Advances in technology connect all specialties and facets of both practice and personal life. The 2021 Midyear Clinical Meeting will feature Integrated Informatics Institute content across the meeting. Midyear will include a total of 11 sessions providing informatics- and technology-focused education.

Educational Sessions

  1. The Future of Pharmacy Is Closer than You Think: Using Health Information Technology
  2. Five Years Later: Lessons Learned in Building a Pharmacy Analytics Program
  3. Beyond Face to Face: Leveraging Technology to Advance Patient Care
  4. Clinical Decision Support Documentation: Let’s Tell A Story
  5. Informatics Gems 2021: Resident & New Practitioner Bytes of Informatics
  6. Ethics of Big Data: Values and Today’s Data Technology in Pharmacy Practice
  7. What Pharmacists Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence
  8. Using Data Analytics to Detect Drug Diversion in the Anesthesia Setting
  9. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Envisioning the Supply Chain and Medication Use Process of the Future
  10. Informatics Pearls 2021: Gigabytes of Informatics
  11. I Want That! Technology Innovations 2021


2021 Midyear Meeting Supplemental AJHP Reading List

Enrich your ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting experience by reading these hand-selected AJHP papers related to select Midyear sessions.


For more information, view the Session Schedule & Itinerary Planner.