PPS Employers

If you are looking for the most qualified pharmacy talent, you need to be at PPS at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. Only at PPS can you network and interview with thousands of active pharmacy seekers. Candidates who invest their time and money to participate in PPS are serious about their career path.

PPS registration will open September 15. PPS online, when you can begin connecting with PPS candidates, will open on October 21.

PPS Online

PPS On-Site

Price Per Booth – Includes 2 PPS job postings

Before October 21, 2021 On or After October 21, 2021 On-Site
$1,585 $2,660 $3,165

*All PPS attendees must be registered for the Midyear Clinical Meeting to be eligible to participate in PPS. Please visit the Employer Representative Registration and PPS Access Information for more information.

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For more information, contact the PPS team at pps@ashp.org.