Intensive Studies and Clinical Sessions

The Intensive Studies and Clinical Sessions will be available during the Midyear meeting. If you are board certified, you must purchase the package(s) for your specialty in order to receive the recertification assessment and claim the recertification credit

Clinical Sessions, while named differently, follow the same format as the Intensive Studies.

How to purchase a recertification package

  • During the Midyear meeting registration process, add the desired recertification package (BCACP, BCCCP, BCGP, BCOP, BCPPS, BCPS).
  • After the Midyear meeting, complete and pass the recertification assessments for the desired sessions. Each session provides 1 to 2 hours of credit and features immediate pass/fail notification with real-time reporting of recertification credit to BPS. Clinical Sessions assessments will be available on Dec. 15, 2021 and Intensive Studies assessments will be available on Feb. 2, 2022.
  • A range of 4 to 6.5 hours of credit may be earned, depending on the specialty.
  • Dual- or triple-certified? Passing a recertification assessment for a session with multiple certifications will provide you credit for each of your specialties.


You must be a full-time Midyear meeting registrant to purchase the Intensive Studies or Clinical Sessions packages at the reduced rate. The price for 4 to 6.5 hours of recertification credit for the Intensive Studies and Clinical Sessions packages is $50 per specialty for Midyear Clinical Meeting registrants. This includes the recorded versions of the sessions and the recertification assessments. The special meeting price expires on Dec. 9, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.(ET).

Clinical Sessions and Intensive Studies packages will be available for non-Midyear meeting registrants to purchase at the regular list price.

If you are currently enrolled in a 1-Year Recertification Plan, 3-Year Recertification Plan, or the Review and Recertification Reward Program (RRRP), the Intensive Studies or Clinical Sessions package is included as part of your enrollment.


Intensive Studies Sessions

Pediatric Pharmacy
BCPPS (4 hrs) 
Critical Care Pharmacy
BCCCP (5.0 hrs) 
BCPS (6.5 hrs) 

Fluid Resuscitation Controversies in Adult and Pediatric Septic Shock – Does One Size Fit All?
(BCPPS, BCCCP, BCPS) 1.5 hrs.

Breathe Easy: An Update in Cystic Fibrosis Care
(BCPPS) 1.0 hr.


  Beyond the Top Line: A Point-Counterpoint Discussion of the 2020 Antimicrobial Resistant Gram-Negative Infection Treatment Guideline
(BCCCP, BCPS) 2.0 hrs.
Just Breathe: Asthma Management Update for Pediatric Patients
(BCPPS) 1.5 hrs.
Resistance is Futile: Overcoming Diuretic Resistance in Acute Heart Failure
(BCCCP, BCPS) 1.5 hrs.

Long Acting Antiretroviral Therapy for the Treatment and Prevention of HIV Infection
(BCPS) 1.5 hrs.


Clinical Sessions

Geriatric Pharmacy
BCGP (5 hrs) 
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
BCACP (6 hrs) 
Oncology Pharmacy
BCOP (4 hrs) 
Impact of Ageism on Therapeutic Outcomes and Patient-Provider Relationships
(BCGP, BCACP) 1.0 hrs.
  Road to Recovery: Caring for Persons Living with Opioid Use Disorder in an Ambulatory Care Setting
(BCACP) 2.0 hrs.
Updates on Immunotherapy and Best Pharmacy Practice for Multiple Myeloma
(BCOP) 2.0 hrs.

Infiltrating the Kidneys: Non-Dialysis CKD in Primary Care
(BCGP, BCACP) 1.5 hrs.


Beyond the CLOT: Panel Discussion about Updates in Cancer-Associated Thrombosis
(BCOP) 2.0 hrs.

Updates on the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Older Adult Patients
(BCGP) 1.0 hr.

Direct Oral Anticoagulant Dilemmas: Stroke Prevention for Atrial Fibrillation in the Oldest Old and Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease
(BCGP, BCACP) 1.5 hrs.


Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Geriatric Pharmacy, and Oncology Pharmacy activities are developed jointly with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). Clinical Sessions, while named differently, follow the same format as the Intensive Studies.