How to Claim CE

All continuing pharmacy education credits must be claimed within 60 days of the live session you attend. To be sure your CE is accepted inside of ACPE's 60-day window, plan to process your CE before January 31, 2024. After the 60-day deadline, ASHP will no longer be able to award credit for this meeting.

Write down the Attendance Code for each session you attend. When you redeem your Attendance Code online, you will then select the correct certificate or statement of credit (e.g., CPE or a Statement of Completion).

Remember to Claim the credit (click the Claim button) to earn the credit, view your claimed credits, and print your statement or certificate. All claimed CPE credits will be reported directly to CPE Monitor.

  1. Log in to ASHP Learning Center with the email address and password you used for your meeting. The system validates your meeting registration to grant you access to claim credit.
  2. Click My Activities to see the name of the meeting in My Conferences.
  3. Click ASHP 2023 Midyear Meeting and Exhibition and enter the Attendance Codes that were announced during the session.
    Multiple attendance codes can be entered by separating them by a comma (e.g., S12345, S23456, S34567)
  4. Your list of sessions will appear on the screen matching the Attendance Codes you entered. Click Claim for each session to complete the requirements for CE.
  5. Once all requirements have been completed, click Claim Credit. It is important that you choose the appropriate profession:
  6. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: Fill in your NABP eProfile ID, birth month, and date to get your CPE credits reported successfully to CPE Monitor. (NOTE: CE sessions that are developed and offered to meet the educational needs of pharmacy technicians will have the “T” designation in the ACPE Number.)
  7. Others (International, students, etc.): Select ASHP Statement of Completion. Check the box and click Claim to get a record of your attendance for each session.
  8. Click the Print button to view your statement of credit or statement of completion. There is one statement for each session you attend.


If the CE provider is ASHP, then attendees will process and claim CE on ASHP Learning Center. For symposia offered by other CE providers, follow the directions given with the program materials. If you have any questions, contact the program coordinator.

NEED HELP? Email [email protected].