PAI 2030 Programming

ASHP’s Practice Advancement Initiative 2030 (PAI 2030) provides pharmacy teams with guidance for advancing healthcare, patient outcomes, and pharmacy practice through 59 recommendations. The guidance offered by the recommendations, which take into account environment trends that are likely to affect the pharmacy enterprise, will help pharmacists, health systems, and pharmacy leaders in their ongoing pursuit of optimal, safe, and effective use of medications. Midyear 2022 offers programming related to the PAI 2030 focused initiatives and each of the five PAI 2030 domains:

PAI 2030 focused initiatives

ASHP 2022 National Survey: A Conversation About the State of Pharmacy Practice

PAI 2030 domains

Patient-centered care

  1. Innovative Discharge Services
  2. Evolutions of Transitions of Care: Pharmacists' Value from a CMO's Perspective
  3. Ten Years Later: Sustaining and Expanding Transitional Care Management Services
  4. Improving Medication Access When the Stakes Are High
  5. Strategies for Culturally Effective Care: Diverse and Tailored Health Communication and Patient Education
  6. (Management Case Study) Pharmacists Lead Improvement in a Clinical Pharmacy Program at a Rural Medical Center
  7. (Management Case Study) Financial and Readmission Impact of a Pharmacy-Led Medication Access Barriers Program
  8. (Management Case Study) Multi-State Remote Order Verification (ROV) to Support Acute Care Inpatient Pharmacies Across an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)

Pharmacist role, education, and training

  1. Going the Distance: Care for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Across Care Settings
  2. Three’s a Charm: Opioid Stewardship Across Care Settings
  3. Practice Enhancing Interventions and the Ambulatory Care Medication-Use Process from 2021. Gems from AJHP.
  4. Roundtable and Poster Session: Ambulatory Care Clinical Practice Advancement
  5. (Management Case Study) Establishment of Workflow and Data Tracking Tools to Justify Ambulatory Care Pharmacist Services
  6. Anticoagulation Stewardship in Action: Pharmacists Driving Better Care in High-Impact Clinical Areas
  7. A Tale of Two Ships: Acute Care vs. Ambulatory-Focused Stewardship
  8. A Painless Transition: Pharmacist-Led Peri-Operative Pain Management

Technology and data science

  1. The Future of Clinical Pharmacy Practice: Leveraging an Integrated Telehealth Team-Based Model
  2. Protect the Women & Children: Machine Learning Methods to Predict Adverse Drug Events (ADEs)
  3. Rise of The Machine: Empowering a Diversion Monitoring Program Using Machine Learning
  4. Data in Action: Building a Pharmacy Data Analytics Strategy
  5. Informatics Pearls 2022: Gigabytes of Informatics
  6. Validated Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Pharmacy and its Applications
  7. Why Isn't IV Workflow Technology in Every U.S. Hospital?
  8. Digital Health 101: Interventions for Maximum Pharmacist Impact
  9. (Management Case Study) Leveraging Data Science to Transform Pharmacy Department Operations in an Academic Medical Center

Pharmacy technician role, education, and training

  1. (Management Case Study) A System-Wide Pharmacy Technician Committee to Support Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, and Education
  2. Designing a Pharmacy Technician Career Ladder Focused on Advanced Roles
  3. Investing in the Future: Development of a Pharmacy Technician Leadership Residency to Address Technician Leadership Gaps
  4. The Time Is Now: Advancing Technician Roles in Informatics
  5. Designing a Pharmacy Technician Career Ladder Focused on Advanced Roles
  6. (Management Case Study) Use of Pharmacy Technicians in Transitions of Care Discharge Services
  7. (Management Case Study) Managing a New Leadership Crisis — Helping Technicians and Pharmacists Lead and Succeed

Leadership in medication use and safety

  1. Practice Enhancing Interventions About the Medication-Use Process from 2021: Gems from AJHP
  2. We Can’t Talk About That at Work! How to Foster More Inclusive Conversations and Work Environments
  3. Culture and the Cost of Fitting In
  4. Well-Being and Resilience in the Rural Pharmacy Workforce
  5. Be Well to Lead Well: Identifying and Addressing Leadership Burnout in Healthcare
  6. It's Okay If You’re Not Okay: Supporting Well-Being and Resilience
  7. Survey Says … Implementing an Organizational Well-Being Program
  8. Re-Centering During Times of Transition
  9. Not Just for Antimicrobials: Integrating Oncology Stewardship into Practice
  10. ASHP and University of Minnesota Pharmacogenomics Accelerator: Update from Inaugural Cohort
  11. Advancing Formulary Improvement Through Metrics, Monitoring, and Analytics
  12. Betting on Safety: Medication Safety Dashboard Metric Design
  13. High on Safety: Practical Approaches to Becoming Highly Reliable
  14. Raising Safety for Our Patients: A Standardize 4 Safety Update
  15. Management Pearls 2022