PAI 2030 Programming

ASHP’s Practice Advancement Initiative 2030 (PAI 2030) provides pharmacy teams with guidance for advancing healthcare, patient outcomes, and pharmacy practice through 59 recommendations. The guidance offered by the recommendations, which take into account environment trends that are likely to affect the pharmacy enterprise, will help pharmacists, health systems, and pharmacy leaders in their ongoing pursuit of optimal, safe, and effective use of medications. Midyear 2023 offers programming related to the PAI 2030 focused initiatives and each of the five PAI 2030 domains:

PAI 2030 focused initiatives

ASHP 2023 National Survey: A Conversation About the State of Pharmacy Practice

PAI 2030 domains

Patient-centered care

  1. (Management Case Study) Implementation of 24-Hour Emergency Department Clinical Pharmacy Services in a Community Hospital
  2. We Go Together! A Novel Primary Care and Community Pharmacy Collaboration to Optimize Population-Level Medication Use Management
  3. (Management Case Study) Establishing a Health-System Infusion and Injection Strategy with Integrated Clinic Infusion Pharmacists
  4. (Management Case Study) Maintaining Continuity and Safe Care When Providers Depart: A Focus on Rheumatology
  5. Rural Access to Care: Pharmacist Practitioners Leading the Charge for Health Equity
  6. (Management Case Study) Outcomes of a Pharmacist-Led Comprehensive Medication Review Program Within an Integrated Care Delivery Network
  7. Mitigating Stigma and Bias: A Person-Centered Approach to Care
  8. Paying for Clinical Pharmacy Services: Comprehensive Medication Management, Transitions of Care, and Beyond
  9. (Management Case Study) Utilization of a Clinical Surveillance Platform in an Outpatient Pharmacy to Evaluate High-Cost Medications Prior to Patient Discharge
  10. The Leaders Role in Creating World-Class Patient Experiences

Pharmacist role, education, and training

  1. Establishing Emergency Management in Health-System Pharmacy
  2. (Management Case Study) Implementation of a New Interdisciplinary Practice Model Utilizing Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Low Carbohydrate Counseling to Improve Wellness Among Veterans With Diabetes
  3. Population Health: A Healthy Opportunity for Pharmacy
  4. Practice Enhancing Interventions About the Medication-Use Process in Ambulatory Care from 2022: Gems from AJHP
  5. (Management Case Study) Impact of Centralized Clinical Pharmacy Services Urine Culture Review Following Emergency Department Discharge
  1. To Equitable Opioid Use Disorder Treatment and Beyond: DEA Registered Pharmacists to the Rescue
  2. (Management Case Study) Setting the Standard: Implementation of a Pharmacy Education Governance Team Within a Multi-State Integrated Health System
  3. The Role of Pharmacy in Population Health Management: It's a Small World After All
  4. No Pain, No Gain: Updates in Opioid Prescribing and Non-Opioid Pain Management
  5. The Scoop on Bupe: Best Practices and Barriers Bridging Care
  6. Layered Learning Beyond the Bedside
  7. Steering Towards Personalized Medicine: Developing a Pharmacist-Driven Pharmacogenomic Monitoring Service

Technology and data science

  1. Informatics Gems 2023: Resident & New Practitioner Bytes of Informatics
  2. Putting Data to Work: Deploying Key Performance Indicators to Optimize Operations and Automation
  3. (Management Case Study) Implementation of Mobile Medication Tracking Technology for Controlled Substance Chain of Custody
  4. (Management Case Study) Implementation Considerations Associated with a High-Speed Intravenous (IV) Syringe Compounding Robot at a Large Academic Medical Center
  5. (Management Case Study) Implementation of IV Workflow System Technology in a Health-System-Based Home Infusion Pharmacy
  6. (Management Case Study) Implementation of IV Room Verification Technology Across a Health System
  7. Predictive Modeling to Advance Practice
  8. There's Nothing Good About Being "Basic" — Optimizing Smart Pump Infusion Safety
  9. The ABC's of ADC Safety: Tips for Optimizing Automated Dispensing Cabinet Safety in the Emergency Department
  10. (Management Case Study) Implementation and Evaluation of an Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) Oversight Committee at a Large Academic Medical Center
  11. (Management Case Study) Development and Implementation of a Technology-Assisted Final Product Verification (TAFPV) at a Community Teaching Hospital
  12. Informatics Pearls 2023: Gigabytes of Informatics

Pharmacy technician role, education, and training

  1. Educating for the Future: Bringing Academia to Pharmacy Technicians
  2. (Management Case Study) Utilizing Clinical Pharmacy Technicians to Improve Patient Access to Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Services
  3. Pharmacy Technician Education Across the Continuum: Focus on Recruitment and Retention
  4. (Management Case Study) Prescription for Success: Implementation of a Pharmacy Technician Apprentice Program
  5. (Management Case Study) Expanded Clinical Pharmacy Technician Roles: Comprehensive Medication Management and Population Health
  6. (Management Case Study) Enhancing Access to Medications for Heart Failure Patients Prior to Discharge by Utilizing Certified Pharmacy Technicians
  7. (Management Case Study) Implementation of Creative Scheduling and Advancement Opportunities Impacting Pharmacy Technician Retention and Recruitment
  8. A Bright Future for Pharmacy Technicians: Next Steps for Pharmacy Technician Integration in the Ambulatory Care Setting
  9. One Small Step for Pharmacy Technicians, One Giant Leap for Recruitment: A Novel Use of Apprentice Programs
  10. The Crystal Ball Project: Insight and Recommendations for Improving the Future of Pharmacy Education and Workforce

Leadership in medication use and safety

  1. Practice Enhancing Interventions About the Medication-Use Process from 2022: Gems from AJHP
  2. Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Updates in Cardiovascular Pharmacogenomics
  3. (Management Case Study) Centralization of Prior Authorization Services at a Hospital-Based Infusion Clinic
  4. Medication Safety Dashboard MAGIC! Design and Implementation for the Small and Rural Hospital
  5. (Management Case Study) Structural Change to a Community Hospital’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee to Optimize Physician Engagement and Hospital Goal Achievement
  6. Zen and the Art of Revenue Cycle Maintenance
  7. Perspectives in Executive Leadership Skills for the Future Demands of Healthcare
  8. Medication Safety and Quality Pearls 2023
  9. How Do You Measure Up? Creating a Dashboard for a Large Health System
  10. Protecting Our Patients During a Cyberattack: Prospective Planning for Extended Downtime
  11. Cultivating an Inclusive Culture: Managing Difficult Co-Workers Including Yourself
  12. (Management Case Study) A Multi-Hospital System Pharmacy Quality Management and Regulatory System
  13.  A Tale of Two Systems: Developing and Measuring Metrics Within Ambulatory Clinical Services
  14.  Turning Ideas Into Results
  15. Management Pearls 2023
  16.  (Management Case Study) Charting the Future of California Health-System Pharmacy Practice by Establishing the California Health-System Advocacy and Regulatory Team (CHART)
  17. Strategic Growth Initiatives: Maximizing the Impact of Pharmacy Enterprise Leadership
  18. What Makes a Leader: A Debate on Administrative Training vs. Clinical Experience
  19. Pharmacy Forecast 2024: Trends That Will Shape Your Future
  20. Together We Shine Brighter! Lighting the Path to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  21. Untangling the Web: Setting Up the Matrixed Pharmacy Enterprise for Future Success
  22. Look Outside! Safety Risks Outside the Pharmacy Walls
  23. Accelerating the Adoption of Pharmacogenomics: The PGx Accelerator Experience
  24. (Management Case Study) Partnering with an Innovation Center to Implement Design Thinking Across the Health System
  25. Simple Acts of Inclusion: Practice Advancement Begins with You
  26. The Leaders Role in Creating the Best Place (Pharmacy) to Work!
  27. Opioid Metrics: Monitor Well and Improve Safety in Your Health System