PPS Candidates

What is Personnel Placement Service (PPS)?

PPS is pharmacy’s largest in-person job fair hosted onsite at the Midyear Clinical Meeting that includes hiring managers from every area of pharmacy including fellowships, residencies, full-time positions, faculty, and more.  Anyone can participate in PPS, but it requires an additional registration from Midyear (see pricing below).

There are 2 components to the job fair - PPS in-person and the PPS application portal. Your PPS registration gives you access to both.

PPS Application Portal

A job board of openings for which employers will be interviewing in person at the Midyear Clinical Meeting. You must first register for PPS to use the job board to view and apply for open positions. Participating in the application portal also means your online profile and CV are included in the candidate database and employers can find you to connect.

Important Dates

  • September 13
    PPS registration will open. Candidates can register for PPS and begin to build their online profile
  • September 22
    Fellowship opportunities will go live for candidates to view and apply for open positions.
  • October 10
    PPS online will open for all open positions. Candidates can begin to view and apply for open PPS positions and connect with PPS employers.
  • December 3-6
    PPS interviews will be held inside of the PPS hall at the 2023 Midyear.


Note: All PPS candidates must be registered for the Midyear Clinical Meeting to be eligible to participate in PPS. Please visit the Midyear registration page for more information.

Category On or Before
October 22
On or After
October 23
Student  $95 $160
Resident  $130 $220
Applicant  $150 $250

Contact Us

For more information, contact the PPS team at [email protected].


As virtual conversations have become more common, there are few opportunities to experience an invaluable in-person conversation with hiring managers. PPS provides you with the unique opportunity to:

  • Meet with hundreds of employers, fellowship sponsors, and residency programs all in one place over a span of 4 days.
  • Interact with more than 50 of the most prominent fellowship sponsors representing >50% of the PharmD industry fellowship.
  • Interview for a position at 150 of the top residency programs.
  • Leverage PPS to introduce yourself to hiring managers from more than 300 of the most prominent health institutions from around the country, even if the specific position you are looking for is not available.

There is no way to replicate the impression you can make face-to-face. A recent SHRM study concluded "In-person interviews offer a higher level of engagement. You can read body language better and get a better sense of someone's interpersonal skills.”

Employers from all areas of pharmacy looking to hire a variety of positions participate. Whether you're looking at residencies, fellowships, full-time positions, faculty, or anything else, it will be available at PPS. A full employer list can be found on the floor plan.

Yes, you can still talk with hiring managers from hundreds of hiring employers throughout the pharmacy industry face-to-face in one place.

  • The Residency Showcase is a large hall of booths where residency programs from all over the country can “showcase” their programs to interested candidates.
    • Included with Midyear registration
    • No reservations or scheduled appointments needed. The booths are structured as a first-come, first-serve walk up format
  • Personnel Placement Service (PPS) is the event to conduct private, pre-scheduled interviews at Midyear.
    • Includes job openings, industry fellowships, and residencies
    • There is a separate registration and fee, and all interviews need to be scheduled
  • P3-P4 who are planning to participate in the Match: Showcase & PPS
    • Many residency programs will participate in both the Residency Showcase and PPS
  • P3-P4 who are thinking about a residency, but are undecided: Showcase
  • Students who plan to go directly into practice: PPS
  • Students who are interested in pursuing an industry fellowship: PPS
  • Practicing pharmacists at all stages who are interested in pursuing new career opportunities: PPS