PPS Employer Representative Badge Information

PPS Registration Policy

ASHP no longer provides PPS-only access to employers. To enter PPS, you must be registered for the Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM). All employers are eligible to receive one complimentary MCM registration per booth purchased to only be used by a Human Resources representative, administrative professional, or recruiter. The verification will be done when a name is received in advance of the meeting. If it is deemed that a submitted name is ineligible, he or she will be asked to register for Midyear as a paid attendee. All other booth representatives must be equipped with a MCM badge before entering the PPS hall.

How do employer representatives gain access to PPS?

  • Administrative staff - eligible for one free Midyear registration per booth purchased by employer. It will be a PPS badge that will only include access to PPS at the Midyear meeting and not include CE. For access instructions, please email [email protected] with the employer name and registrant information by November 17, 2023. We will email you back with instructions. The registrant must work in an HR or Admin role at the organization and not be a practicing pharmacist. The request will be approved or denied before the Midyear meeting. If the request is denied, the attendee must register for Midyear to enter PPS.
  • All other attendees - must be registered for Midyear via the Midyear registration page. To ensure you have access to PPS at the Midyear meeting, please fill out the PPS Booth Staff Access survey IN ADDITION to Midyear registration.