Residency Showcase

What is the Residency Showcase?

The ASHP Residency Showcase is the world’s largest pharmacy residency exhibit program and a forum for representatives from residency programs and 2024 resident candidates to meet, discuss program opportunities, and exchange information. 

  • What programs are at Showcase?
    • Floor Plan/List of participating Institutions (Coming in August) —A complete interactive map used to identify and locate specific institutions and route your visit in the hall.
    • Residency Showcase Program Listings (Coming in September) – Optional online database where most residency programs choose to advertise their program ahead of Showcase. You can search the list by category or keyword to identify a prospective residency program and when/where to find the institution’s booth. (Not all programs who will be at showcase will advertise, for a complete list of all programs use the floor plan)
  • Who should attend? 2024 resident candidates or potential candidates.
    • NOTE to P1-P3 students: The Residency Showcase is intended for the graduating class of 2024. The strong demand for residency positions limits the time residency program representatives will have to speak with P1-P3 students during the showcase. We recommend that those students interested in seeing the showcase, but who will not be pursuing a residency in 2024, please wait until the second half of each individual session (after 2:30 for the afternoon sessions/after 9:30 for the morning session). We also recommend attending the student educational sessions on Sunday, which are designed to help inform students about residency programs.
  • Residency Showcase Hours:
    • Monday and Tuesday PM session 1:00-4:00 p.m.
    • Tuesday AM session 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.


    Tips for Prospective Residents

  • Your registration to the Midyear meeting allows you to participate in the showcase (no additional fees are necessary).
  • Prepare in advance. Be respectful of each program’s time and have your CV, and questions prepared before you come to the showcase.
  • Business dress is preferred.
  • Beginning early, view the Floor Plan and Residency Showcase Listing when available to determine which sites you want to visit during the showcase.
    • Find out the date and time those sites will be at the showcase.
    • Participating sites exhibit during only one time slot. They do not exhibit at all sessions. Use the exhibitor list and program listing portal to view the time when the sites you want to see are displaying.
  • Programs are listed by site, not by specific type of residency program offered.
  • Use ASHP Residency Resources like the Match Day Resources Page to organize your programs of interest and application materials.
  • Not enough time to visit the sites you're most interested in? Ask the program representatives if they are available at another time during the meeting to talk with you.
  • Some programs are also involved in the Personnel Placement Services (PPS). This allows time for one-on-one interviews but requires an additional fee to participate in this process.
  • Plenty of ASHP staff will be available to answer your questions. You can also contact us at [email protected] with your questions.

Good luck to all prospective residents and residency programs for the next residency year!

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