Student and Resident Poster Mentors

ARE YOU Looking for Opportunities to GET INVOLVED?

Poster Mentors are in HIGH DEMAND at the upcoming 2021 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. Inspire, Educate, & Motivate our future pharmacy leaders by providing constructive feedback to a student or resident poster presenter. Submit a mentor application now!


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Mentor the next generation of pharmacists. As a student or resident poster mentor, you can help guide the careers of our students and residents down the road to success.

What does a mentor do? A poster mentor discusses a project one-on-one with a student or resident and provides feedback on the project’s objectives, methodology, data analysis, and conclusions.

Your level of participation is completely up to you, and we appreciate any service you can provide to the Student and Resident Poster Program. The bottom line is that you will be providing the benefit of your experience to students and residents, who will truly value your time.


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